Al Salam Bank announces the launch of the second phase of Al Salam Mobile Services

Khartoum, 25th of July 2012:

Al Salam Bank signed an agreement with Khartoum International Channel to repay customer subscriptions by Al Salam Mobile service. The agreement was signed by Mr. Osman Mukhtar general manager of the bank, Mr. Hashim Mahmood General Manager of Khartoum International Channel, in a ceremony for the occasion at the headquarters of Al Salam Bank in Khartoum, in the presence of a crowd of officials on both sides.

Under the agreement, agents will be able to pay the value of the contributions in the channel by the service of Al Salam Mobile provided by the bank to its clients. Mr. Osman Mukhtar general manager of the bank said that the bank launched the second phase of the Al Salam Mobile services relating to major corporations signed a contract with Khartoum International channel to pay subscriptions through Mobile, and announced the entry of firms in the query the bank's electronic services.

He added that the first phase of the project of Al Salam Mobile successful where this project will provide buy electricity through Mobile, as it became the bank nearly (1260) joint use of the service, saying that there was other services provided by the bank through Mobile, such as querying the account balance.

The Director General of the Al Salam Bank said that the bank will provide (33) new electronic service to the public in the near future. From his part, Mohamed Adam - banking technology consultant in Al Salam Bank said that if the success of the second phase will enter the bank services into credit, and announced the opening of service to the public who do not have accounts at the bank will be availabile also. From his part, Mr. Hashim Mahmoud general director of Khartoum International channel said that we are in partnership with Al Salam Bank, and the aim of signing the contract is to provide an online service to contribute to the development of the technology in Sudan, in addition to providing services to subscribers channel, and pointed out that the application of the partnership with the bank were to facilitate the subscribers service delivery without suffering access to agents.