Murabaha Goods
Any commodity or good can be purchased and resold according to the Principles of Islamic Shariah – Al Salam Bank is prepared to buy them for you through the Commodity and Goods Murabaha Sales.

Main features of the Commodities and Goods Murabaha Sales:

Finance through an Islamic Shariah method that is based on riba-free selling and purchasing

Fixed profit rate which is not subject to any increase following the signing of the agreement.

How to Apply?

Consumer Goods:
  • Original passport and a copy duly attested
  • Quotation from supplier of the required goods to be in the name of the bank
  • Transfer of salary of both customer and guarantor
  • Repayment at pre-determined period

Commercial Goods for Corporations:
  • Valid trade license.
  • Appropriate guarantee e.g. transferred salaries, blocking of deposits etc.
Please Note: Finance transaction is approved subject to banks approval policy.

Commercial Goods for Corporations:
  • At all our branches